Book Club

Welcome!! Here is a little bit about book club.
 Here we inspire amazing women encourage, share lift up through inspiring reads and studies that    
 will uplift teach through book reads and studies to help guide fill us with knowledge and understand who we are called to be through Jesus !

We will have a book read or study .
We will read 2 chapters a week for book reads then have a chat up meet on our Facebook closed group for book club we will share inspire encourage with others in the group what we have received through the week .

For Book studies it will be in sessions weekly kinda the same thing each study is different lengths some 6-8 sessions so will be that many weeks .. make sense :) lol
we will start in session 1 week one spend the week their then have our chat up meet and share:)

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE here at she Laughs ! request to be added to our group   She laughs : book club
you can email me as well to be added or questions u may have
all books can be bought on amazon or in stores i get a lot of my books at lifeway book store and

My Story about starting book club.
 So couple years ago I've wanted to start a book club but never knew when to begin really, so I've just didn't do anything about it But over the past couple months if you read my post about my journey then you know if not ill share :) past couple months meeting amazing women and reading different books and doing different studies aw well as joining a online book study imperfect vessel  which is amazing! i still realized it was still a passion if mine and getting some guidance from a special friend where to start it was coming together more clear
Than a friend of mine asked me while back when i posted a picture of a book i bought
Fevert by priscilla shirr , where can i get it and also said if you ever want to start a book club id love that ! so right then and their i was like ok wow their is my sign and so couple weeks later here is the launch of my book club 3/18/2016
I want to share and help others with the knowledge I've come across and so everyday from reading books and doing studies with others!!
God bless Hope y'all join the journey with me! and see what The Lord has in store


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