Monday, July 18, 2016

So excited!

Im so excited to be putting this amazing blessing the Lord has put on my heart to action!
With the help of my daughter were getting these blessing bags rolling
As I sit here and out together these my thoughts wonder and are sad and happy at the same time thinking these little items we use daily and take for granted are the things someone needs and can't buy thank you Lord Jesus I'm looking forward to this act of kindness and humbling experience your bestowing upon me
I'm yours Lord
And utsba blessing to see my daughter so excited full of kindness and joy to make these blessing bags to share!!!
Keep the prayers coming much appreciated friends
Xoxo Shantel


Hello their!
How all y'all doing? Okay so wanted to share with you all something been wanting to do for a while
Been on my heart .
Helping the need and homeless with a blessing box  and blessing bags
The blessing box will be full of what ever anyone wants to put in it food hygiene items and people can take what's needed and fill up as well for others
Their so many in need in the world and so many who have full n plenty and beyond so I'd like to share blessings with others
The blessing bags will be full of items to pass out and leave places for someone to take and be blessed with things they may need this opportunity operation is
All for Jesus Christ to sure kindness and love with the World
Anyone who would like to join me and help this
Operation blessing box please let me know still working out the plan also  comment  
Thank you all and God Bless
Shantel xoxo

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Wow let me share with u all this book is sooo amazing ladies!! And I'm only at chapter 6
Theirs no words how amazing our Lord is and his plans to awaken us and follow him
This book is our book club read for July and it couldn't of came at a better time #thankyoujesus
As women of the Lord were not the problems were his soulitons for the world !
Remember we are a daughter of the king and been saved set free by the Lamb of God  through his Blood

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Being a mary in a martha world

Good morning !!
It's been too long .
June has been a month of vacations and busyness ending with a need of refreshment in spirit .
So last night the pastor said something that hit home and been on my mind he said something about Mary and Martha how Mary hung on to Jesus while Martha was busy
We need to keep the fire for the Lord burning, growing, we need to be Marys in a Martha world find the balance for it all life,Jesus , family , friends, chores being a mom a wife and a friend.
At times we think we can and have the balance but the Busyiness of life keeps us from sitting at Jesus' feet daily .
And that friends is what its all about keeping Jesus in all we do making him famous daily
So keep going forward pressing on with Jesus we all get unbalanced but we need to stop look to Jesus and remember its all him!  for him
He's worthy of it All our time our praise and prayers . it's time for a spiritual growth awaking and refresh in Jesus!!!!!
I'm excited for next months book read
" being a Mary in a Martha world"
Have a blessed day everyone
Shantel xoxo

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Were seated with Christ!!!!

Good morning okay so I'm sitting here doing my armor of God study and I'm in such amazement excited overjoyed yet this page and I just wanted to share how amazing how awesome Jesus is as the enemy comes and tries to attack us with his place through circumstances through people these are the times we need to be aware spiritually awakened to know that it is him and it's not it's not the people it's not the circumstances he's just lurking under the surface to use those to get us and bring us down no eyes it says we are seated with Christ in the heavenlies the victory is already been won this changed my luck on this in such a state of worship we are not just present in Heavenly places but we are sitting down in those heavenly places we are seated with Jesus Christ and then in the study Priscilla goes on to share with us which is amazing she's such a mighty woman of God the way he words things and her studies her books her teachings everything just comes alive and it just hits home and as such an impact she shares in ancient times being seated with a symbolic posture of a king whose Army had already been victorious in the battle instead of standing pacing worrying he would park himself on the throne as a visible statement of the complete and utter Triumph that has left me and such while Jesus while Jesus is seated at the right hand of the father we are seated with Jesus in The Heavenly places the battle has already been won Jesus is seated he's already claimed his victory until that day comes when he comes back to take us home that is just such a while it just awaken something in me that way do you know the enemy comes and tries and you know well he can as she states Satan knows he cannot destroy you it's too late for that but the best thing that he can try and do as his time on Earth is to make us feel down and depressed and suffocated with what scene in fear insecurity and leave as discouraged and it puts us in a state where we are on able to live joyfully fully abundantly be awakened in our Spiritual armor of God that we have and all God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly realms and it is just amazing and another thing but because our spiritual location we always have hope and through Christ we bring the victory Of Heaven into our experience on Earth we have the tools we have the power through Jesus Christ to defeat the enemy daily in his place against us because we're seated with Christ Jesus in heaven the battle is already been won the Victory Is Ours that's what we need to remember when things come up to try and bring those down circumstances people just different things in our families and our friends and our work the victory is already ours we're done see that what Christ Jesus I just wanted to share that because this is just such an Awakening in me about being seated and standing and that's where Christ already sees as we are seated with him that is just so amazing so awesome so I just wanted to share that with you guys have a blessed amazing day and remember Jesus loves you and the Victory is already ours stay blessed XOXO Shantel

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dance through the storm

Block by block God builds us up to resist Despair or temptations and redies us to be used by Him in mighty ways for His glory .
Page 73  of just rise up
Junes book club read .

Okay so I have came across this little paragraph , little yet so powerful
And wanted to share Gods word and love for us his children .
God uses hard times to build our character and yes our Faith!
In these trying times of course we don't like them and want them to pass but in the mist of the storm we must learn to dance through it
Preserve through it all for Gods glory all his purpose to get us ready for what's coming in the future of his plan for our lives.
Stay Blessed xoxo shantel

Keep pressing and dancing through life !

Thursday, June 9, 2016

New study~ Armor Of God!

Hello their friends
As this beautiful day began I received an email for this study I signed up for last month . and its here!
The armor of God  by Priscilla shirer
So excited for this one over past reads and studies on the armor finilly get to dig deeper into it
You to can join me sign up and pick up your study book at lifeway christian book store
Its so important to dress ourselves daily in the armor of God as well as our physical clothing we need not to be spiritual naked through the day
To defeat the enmeys ploys against us will be ready to fight and stand Strong in the Lords victory!
I'm excited to see the holy spirit at work through this study and I pray for a enlightened eye,ear and heart to soak up Gods word
Have a blessed day friends
Xoxo shantel