Tests, strengthening our faith 

Good morning Friends so I've came across this beautiful image and it got me thinking about testing and strengthening our faith as I read a little insert this morning in my Bible, 

so this photo the focus on the lamp and a little flame ,

Through testing's trials storms that's how I picture our faith like the kindles flame , the bigger it grows with more testing then comes the strengthening of our faith and it's blazes bigger and brighter 

In a sense every day of life is a test of our relationship with God but to each person come seasons of special joy or adversity both good times and bad times present opportunities for testing our trust in the Lord.

For the Christian this is not like a classroom exam God is not watching I was with the grade book in hand waiting to pass or fail as based on our performance since we all have sinned no human being on earth could pass such a test Romans 6:23 testing comes through the circumstances of our lives so that we can know our own hearts more in significantly and appreciate God's grace more deeply in such times of testing we become aware of our thoughts and attitudes and emotions though this self awareness God shows us where we must yield to him interesting obedience

When God exposes our hearts through testing he is leading us away from the very ways of the world and into the way that is everlasting Psalms one 39:23,24 

The same kinds of joy and adversity come to believers as to unbelievers, the unbelievers can make a little sense of life and her response to it 

The Christian can walk through the testing of life's joys and sorrows with full Sherance that in Jesus Christ she is becoming the woman God created her to be. 

I hope y'all are encouraged and inspired today to embrace the hard things , from them our faith grows and is strengthend through Jesus , in the storms is where our flame shines the brightest when we choose to trust and follow Gods word through it all. 

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