Mud , planted , growth

As women we need to emabrace our beauty our uniqueness How God created us 

And grow together lift up encourage one another nor tear down , we were made to be team players not alone

Chose your friendships with wisdom ,embrace the women God pas planted with you deep in the mud along your journey together , in the togetherness we grow not alone , in the depths of our souls through the hard ugly messy mud is where it starts. Just like a plant needs loving tender care so do our souls , we need fed the right food to produce growth and also be strengthen , then we are able to strengthen uplift our friends and be watered by Jesus his living water that waters our souls our soil growing learning together through the muds of life's ups and downs , together we are stronger and won't fall because the other will catch us .

W will rise together , we will fall together But here's the rad part , we're not alone we have one another along our journey 

Dig deep , Stay in the mud , because that's where the growth starts . Do hard things it brings character and growth 

Ecc 4:9-12 Two are better than one 

We are a 3 cord strand as sisters women of God , God being in the center of our friendships


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