Good morning 

Okay so I'm reading inn Matthew this moning

Matthew 3 , I came to verse 7-12 

In verse 10 What counts is Your Life . Is it green and blossoming ? Because if it's deadwood , it goes on the fire. 

And I stoped their for a few moments taking that in reflecting , convicted , in awe at this passage 

How true this is ! It's our life that counts each second every minute of every day 

What are we doing with our life? It's so easy to fall off track we all do with the crazy busyness of life and all the noise , But we all need to come back to the quietness to be still and ask ourselves 

Am I marking my life count ?! How am I living am I living selfishly or am I living kingdom living daily?

Because in the end it's How we lived and what we did with our life for Jesus is what it was all about 

Think about it for a moment  

What counts is your life are we blooming growing producing spiritual growth or are we stale staggnet 

Are we dead , Selfish and need pruned ? Gods words says plainly if we're not proudcing fruit will be cut off and throw into the fire , God gave us life for goodness to share love be kind share his gospel be the salt of the earth till his return 

Today I pray for myself and all of you to be still listen to Gods call his fall into his arms make better choices keep running the race yes we all fall be we need to get back into it don't stay down Gods always their to redeem us pick us up forgive us and send us running again !!! How awesome is he his grace his mercy his love .

He chose us❤️ 

Live Loved Stay Blessed 

Xoxo Shantel 


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