His Love

My morning , kiddos sleeping Give me Jesus and coffee ❤️ so today I'm going back over the redemption story I feel like I need to remember be reminded of Jesus his love for me how our father God saved us through his son what an amazing love I can't even begin to comprehend , as I study his love story for us for me Jesus I pray to see your heart to find you deeper than before for the knowledge of your word to sink in and change my ❤️ Thank you for your love you always take us back every time . What is your redemptive story ? Reflection today his love for us such a beautiful love story he has spoken and we get to live it daily through his words #greatfulheart #thankyoujesus #simplyshantel #sheslaughing #shelaughs #shereadstruth #love #redemption #lampndlight #thedailygraceco #projectlife #coffeeandjesus #jesusjourney 


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