Ephesians 5 guy 

Live according to that promise . Your man gets to be that guy for you . The standerd of a good husband , a godly husband , has nothing to do with the marriage we picture in our romantic daydreams.

It's not measured by the success of another relationship or tested against the Ooey goodness of another th hallmark channel we all watch and get ideas about how it's suppose to be , 

Your husband my husband is the Ephesians 5 guy , don't be discouraged if he's not their yet , if he's unaware of what you , I need right now,

Even if your better than having spats with each other then taking down the enemy's tactics together .

God always equips us to complete our calling , and your husband my husband is set apart to love us.

In the season where a lot of matters questions and circumstances be rising in marriage more spats then talking and all he A to Z in between 

Led to to dig, study, books on marriage and happiness , all God based and let go and what I can't change and let God in his timing, I can only praise him in the waiting rooms I'm believing him for . 

A little encouragement to hang on the results are on the way God promises us though his word.


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