SoldOut for Christ, denying Christ 

Good morning , so as doing a study with a few ladies this was a was a question asked 

why did peter deny Jesus ?How do we deny Jesus?Matthew 26:30-35 Matthew 26:69-75 

Well first I think fear was peters reason 

He was afraid of what would happen to him as he seen the cost for following Jesus confessing Jesus as what was happening to Jesus himself 

As for us this has been thought about 

Have I ever denyed Jesus No ! 

Never denyed knowing him to anyone 

But what got me thinking as reading peters story and thinking about this and thinking about life 

Have we ever denyed him through our actions the choices we make ? 

Things we know he don't like but do anyways for his word say if you love me you will obey me 

Do we sin yes are we forgiven yes! 

I think our choices our actions caused by different emotions pleasing our selfish wants 

As to partaking in things of the world willfully sinning gone against what the Bible teaches us 

Are we denying ? At a certain degree 


Aren't we post to live being sold out for Jesus 

Yes we make mistakes we sin we aren't perfect

But If we are striving to live for Jesus 

Why do we willfully sin 

Drinking ,cussing , gossip , drugs, affairs, and all that stuff we know is against God

How do you say your sold out for Jesus and still take part in this world? 

Like we studied in ecc solomons teachings It's all meaningless 

So today this is playing through my mind how do we truly and fully live sold out for Christ?!

Where does it stop , we see after peter denyed Christ he wept wept wept and wept more And after this it change peter at all costs he was sold out for Jesus 

Followed him obeyed his word fished for men and never stoped Jesus costed peter his life.


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