Closing the door on shame 

The redemption story begins gen 3:15 God had a plan to save. Us redeem us . Forgive us . Call us his .... closing the door on shame God created the world and all that's in it so beautiful our eyes can hardly take it all in God saw all he had made was good gen 1:31 the end .... can you image ending the story right their? Adam and Eve felt no shame gen 2:25 eve was ashamed to sing loud dance as if someone would see her ashamed of her teeth her body her feet her voice her weigh .She walked around eden with Adam unashamed and at peace with her maker wow !! Then gen 3 comes into play disobedience Adam and Eve sought to be like God making a decision that they weren't enough -- they wanted more with sin came shame gen3:7 then the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew they were naked so they made coverings to hide their nakedness 

All the fig leaves couldn't hide their sin in their souls .Adam and eve were ashamed to be seen by God ashamed of their sin .

Shame is powerful like Satan it tells all all kinds of lies , Satan has a way of making us feel less ashamed of our sin which separates us from God facing the world we're ashamed of our image , God given though it is when facing God we're ashamed of our sin which seem to have no escape at times no wonder they wanted to hide But God had a plan ! Gen 3:15 the 1st proclamation of Jesus Christ his redemption plan began !!! Jesus our cure for all shame and for all times for every time ! Rom 8:1 Eve let shame in the door but Jesus bore the shame of the whole world on the cross taking it to the grave with him , He defeated sin shame and death itself so we can be presented blameless and unashamed to the father. Jesus closed the door on shame and opened the door to repentance and freedom .... wow ❤️❤️❤️ #thankyoujesus #greatfulheart #redemption #sheslaughing #shelaughs #simplyshantel #throughmylens #nikonphotography #jesusrestores #jesuscoffeeandgrace #projectlife #repentence #loved #saved #forgiven #Godhadaplan


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