Bad Girl of the Bible | Rahab

Okay so today as studied a women in the bible not so perfect But was used for greatness ,
Let's chat about Rahab ,
We all know here as a prostitute as the women who hid the spies,
But God saw more to rahab ,
Rahab heard bout God how he delivered his people , and she believed and followed him .
She put her faith in God and went against everything her people stood for, Her story found in Joshua 2:1-21 read more about her story ,
The city was destroyed yes but 1 women was saved along her with her family.
Rahab was saved because of her great faith!
Rahab is a picture of extravent Grace of our savior ,
How amazing is that!
Even though were not perfect we mess up were sinners that doesn't mean God doesn't have a plan
God uses the broken like Jesus said its the sick that need doctors not the well.
Rahabs faith and obedience in God she is talked about in Hebrew 11:31 for her great faith  ,
But the amazing part God used her in the linage the of Jesus Christ!!!
Matthew 1:5 
See God uses women who are flawed But the ones who place their faith in him confess their sins and follow him as all costs.
Her story is a fave  of mine because it shows Gods characteristics for his Grace, mercy, forgiveness, his faithfulness to us even when we mess up
God can and wants to use us but its our choice to accept and follow him.
Stay blessed live loved


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