Our words

Morning friends 

Words can be encouraging and comforting when spoken in wisdom 

Our words can tear down and wound, but they an also heal and build up  

proverbs 10:11 the mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life . When used wisely , our words can enocourage and revive a weary heart , they can be just we someone's needs to keep going.

Words of wisdom are refreshing like fresh water to the soul 

We must always choose to reject self centerdness and use our words to comfort and encourage others 

It's easy to be consumed only with our own lives , but our words have the power to lift up and break the hurting , or the power to tear down and weaken the hurting ,

We become more like Jesus when we humble ourselves and use words for the good of others .

Lived Loved . Stay Blessed 

Xoxo shantel 



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