what's your view ?

Philippians 1:21 
Pretty amazing faith, loving feeler words 
To live is Christ and to die is gain.
Well how awesome would that be for us all to have this goal and actually mean it ,
To follow Paul's footsteps doing what God called him to do and the courage to walk it out! 
And we know when we die we won't be dead But be alive with Jesus face to face    
Wow what a thought a image that paints ,
It give us something to focus on , sink it in get our proitys on track with Jesus being the main reason and all falls into place , oh to have a heart like Paul and a few men he met along the way ,
Timothy, Silas, barnabs  
Lord send a Paul into my life 
My hopes in sharing this is to bring us abbot closer and open our eyes a little more than they were and to pray for Gods plan and purpose to arise and for us to have the courage to obey 
Stay blessed Live loved 
Shantel xoxo 



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