The wheel barrel

Hello friends

So today was resurrection Sunday! And while in church this morning the pastor shared an amazing message and it got me thinking and wanted to share with y'all .
So let me summarize this to the point and try not to ramble . No promises lol
So when we invite Jesus into our lives what does that mean to you? Yes we love Jesus and believe and want to follow him right ? Well we often want to take Jesus and put him in OUR wheel barrel , confused I'll explain a bit 

Putting him into our wheel barrel we push him around where we want when and with who and most times where he doesn't want to go . Think bout that for a moment ..... We need to yes invite Jesus in our lives every day , But we need to get into Jesus' wheel barrel ! 
Go where he says when he says and with who even when we don't know where that is or we're afraid to walk it out we need to be pushed by Jesus that's when we are following his will not ours.
When this sank in today i was Like wowed. A wake up call for sure and a reminder when situations arise choices through your the day big n small remember the wheel barrel 
And ask your self who's driving n who's riding.
Stay blessed Live Loved
Shantel xoxo


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