Moments like these

Good morning ,
Have you ever had one those moments when your enjoying the peacefulness of the rain in the quietness?
Well that moment is now for me , driving home from droping the kiddos off to school still in my car as I wanted the rain fall hit the window so gracefully and peaceful it got me thinking first of be thankful for the little things that Hod gave us in his creation !,how amazing is he right!!
Second Gods love his grace his forgiveness he pours upon us
The rain washes clean well that's how the blood of Jesus washes us clean , purifys us , their is no mesure of his grace his love his mercy his forgiveness
Its countless , endless ! Just like the rain drops .
Our Jesus is so awesome the more you seek him you'll find him ,
And fall more n more in love with him everyday , but as a gentlemen he will never force us  we must choose him , have a want to know him .
When we spend time in his word thankful even for the little things they are blessings from Jesus for us  It comes alive in us whatbu ask our faith our gratitude our wisdom to want to seek him and know him!
So today enjoy Gods creation be thankful worship him through his creation all his blessings he give us freely and active your faith, your wisdom through his word, your graduite
I'm thankful for the raindrops the soft gentle sound on the glass that gives me joy and more faith as I see it like Gods grace mercy and forgiveness falling on me endlessly.
Have a blessed safe day
Stay blessed Live Loved.
Shantel xoxo


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