Are you prepared?

Good morning !
Today as i was going  my s.o.a.p on Matthew 4:8-9
Gave me a wake up call we all know the devil temps us , but this came alive to me today , Who are we if he will temp Jesus!! The messiah king of the world how much more will he try to kill, still , and destroy us daily!
Its so important to stay in Gods word seek him daily , his word is our weapon to overcome temptations against loss, evil and the things that look appealing , all he has is lies ! He knows the outcome that's why hes consitant while were still on earth to distract us pull us down , Don't give in remember Jesus died for you, remember his love his blessings his rewards is far better than things that don't last .
Stay in Gods word hide it in your hearts to overcome temptations of the world that the devils sneaks in , his lies his evilness
He comes to still kill n destroy us daily
Be prepared don't be caught off guard!
His word prepares us and strengthens us!!
Stay blessed Live Loved
Shantel xoxo


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