Where does your identity lie?

Morning friends ,
So today something in my spirit was woken by these words " who am I how do I find me , where does my identity lie? " as this time of year lotsbof festives happen gatherings, parties , shopoing, new years Eve  .
Lots of good feelings , sad feelings lots of emotions arise from nowhere !
So got me thinking and Even more when my dad asked me a question , since then I've been shaken inside ,it grabbed me . and the scripture kept coming into mind friends with the world is a enemy with God.
Some things don't seem harmful but then when we commit to following Jesus and still want some things of the world how does that work?
Take me to Solomon in eccelastics
And his wise words , we have earthly and heavenly wisdom
The search for fitting it being called all comes down its meaningless to focus on that more then Gods word his call
So in the mist of all this in my spirit last past week and today while being still this in my bible popped in my mind
MY IDENTITY IN CHRIST , who am I in Christ?
Taken some time go through these passages  and see who you are in Christ claim it receive it
Do let the worlds identity fool you see what God has to say!
Stay blessed lived loved
Xoxo Shantel
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