Little recap

Hey y'all!
Yeah its been a long minute forsure.,
All I can say is life happends and distractions arise , but its our choice how we react , its our choice to stay down or to rise up and contuie toward the goal the journey.
For the past 8 wks me and a few women have bee studying the book of ecclesiastes Solomons wisdom ,his earthy and heavenly wisdom
And how he had it all and still was searching never full never happy ,
So as the study can to a close got me thinking that yes we all have choices free will to make decisions based on our perspective or Gods perspective ,
In our daily lives throughout the day many arise bug and small and its hard overwhelming yes! Weary tiresome But all these feelings come from our perspective not Gods .
When we involve him that's when the joy comes and over takes our messy messes even in the mists of choas Just life he fills us up puts a pep in our step being a wife a mom a daughter a friend a aunt a Women of God !
Remember life is not perfect not a movie all put together and always good times , but its messy hard happy sad reality real life God didn't say it would be easy and perfect But only to follow him. when we invite Gods perspective into our daily lives that's when the change comes the pep in our step the joys comes the faith grows the truth his word over takes our issues and the praise comes the meaning comes for our life when we follow Jesus
And stop with our way .
Anything without Godly wisdom and Jesus is meaningless chasing after the wind in the words of Solomon.

So today's encouragement is for as all to remember what's it all about and how to handle matters as they sneak in our daily lives and try to keep us down.
Stay blessed Live Loved
Shantel xoxo


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