Do you listen well ?

Hey y'all
I've been wanting to do this series for a while it's for a husbands and wives But not only married couples but anyone as these issues will also be come with people in our lives at times  in different situations  just some Godly wisdom and advice through his scripture and thoughts on the subjects we come across
To help us and give us some Godly advice The Godly way to handle them as they arise
As I've been Reding and studying the love launges.

So todays topic
What's that you say?
Most of us share our ideas much too soon we talked before we have really listened according to one study the average person listens only 17 seconds before interrupting the speaker. The Book of Job gives many illustrations of poor listening. As joke suffered with illness grief and loss he maintained his good standing before God. But his friends brushed him off and instead that he must have committed some great sin for God to allow him to suffer so much finally after enduring many speeches job became Fed Up we can hear his frustration in
Job 31:35 if only someone would listen to me.
Good listeners will never share their ideas until they are sure that they understand what the other person is saying in marriage this is extremely important ask questions repeat what you think your spouse is saying and acts in my understanding you if your spouse says yes then and only then are you ready to move on you might say I really appreciate you being open with me now that I understand where you're coming from can I share with you what I was thinking your spouse will hear your perspective because you have first taking the time to really hear what he or she is saying.
So in these situations they come up I found it is best to take some time to pray as couples or individually as well to emphasize to the Lord you want to be a good and thoughtful listener axon to help you refrain from expressing your opinions too soon or too strongly rudely even asks him to give you ears to listen well not only speaking well.
A couple more scriptures to help us with further studying on listening are
Proverbs 15 :2 Ecclesiastes 5:2 and James 1:19


  1. Luv ur committment...Don't get 2 read post often but they always good..keep being a blessing��


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