The source of Graitiude

Good morning .
Today I wanted to share Ive started the this little 2week study of graitiude
Today's my 3rd day and I'm so blewn away of who our God is !
Knowing who he is more each day his characteristics more as he reveals whonhe is through his word .
I'm so greatful for this study and most importantly for my GOD ! My rock my foundation never changing always their when I call upon him!
Their is none like him

He's full of mercy, his greatness full of love, full of grace, compassion towards us , full of wisdom and power
Deserves our praises!
Our God is strong , enduring, trustworthy!

Third day and already so much I've never acknowledge before
About my God ,  i love the soap method of study its life changing!
Thank you Jesus for revealing your self to me .

So this study leads to thanksgiving morning , since this is the month for thankfulness
Anyine can join me. Just follow the deets on the photo and write down each day ,
This study isn't just for thanksgiving do it anytime , I know I will often to be reminded of the mighty God we serve!!

Stay blessed Live Loved

 Bible Study: Source of Gratitude
A 2-week Love God Greatly study...
When we think of thankfulness, we typically look to temporary things: our health, our family, the food on our table… all wonderful things to give thanks for! But the heart of gratitude should stem from a much deeper place…
The first week of this study takes a closer look at who God is and what He has done. This solid foundation will inspire you for the second week of study, when you’ll have the opportunity to examine what your response should be.


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