Psalms 119 devotional

Good morning ,
Today's passage in a study on psalms 119  verses 25-32
Was so filling and encouraging I wanted to share with you all .
In life their is times we are down discouraged from circumstances, from what other people did to us, from ourselves,
I love how David started out Dow and out but as he wrote he found freedom through our Lord the kind only he can bring , he was enccouraged in the Lord.

Love vs 26 I have declared my ways and you answered me teach me your statutes.
This left me in a wow moment!
When we run to God with the cares of life not run to the world,  He will answer us.
I'm very thankful for this our Lord Jesus is loving faithful God always the same nevee changing !!!

Through hard times we need not to pray them away growth comes from them But we need to pray for understanding of what God is teaching us.

Clinging to Jesus through life their is always peace , comfort found in his words

I'm really enjoying this study from

Lord I pray today psalms 119:27
Make me understand the ways of your precepts and I will meditate on your wonderous works.

Stay blessed , Live Loved


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