Good morning .. Today's devotion
Ecc 4:7-12 got me thinking and realizing the importance of friendships, fellowships, companionships in the Lord .

How valuable friendships , fellowships are
Were not meant to do it alone but hep encourage lift up one another in the Lord

Vs12 a cord of three strands is not quickly broken!
God centered friendships this is so awesome and important
Me , you, and Jesus the center of it ❤

*friendship is the one area that ecclesiastics never calls meaningless
* the value of friendship , companionship are the foucas of these verses
* the selfish individual works alone in completion with others
He misses the reward of companionship , friendships
*God himself realized from the beginning our need for fellowship , companionship with others.

So much value in connecting through Jesus that's why the devil trys to break up friendships separates the best of friends .
... Hmm then if some friendships were broken they didn't hold tight maybe
They weren't God centerd ....
Really makes me thinks
Different seasons do come !
According to Gods purpose.

Stay blessed  Live Loved
Shantel xo


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