Ecclesiastes study

Day 2 ,
So today I fill was dead on for me always filling like on repeat same old routine life's already planed out each day ,
Always searching for people , or something to fill my epmtyness lately its how I've been filling like yup the grass is greener over their , loosing focus of what's really important! Who and what's life all about on this earth JESUS everything else is empty useless no meaning
He is our ONLY  fullness , joy , meaning
When we relise this everything else falls into place our life has meaning has joy has fullness because its revolved around him daily and as Solomon said is their anything new? Well this is the new it comes when Jesus is the center of our life the goal the meaning !!!! Jesus is the new
I dont know why its so hard to apply this I pray to apply this for it to soak in and have Jesus the new daily in my life
I pray this for all us in Jesus  name amen

Live loved Stay blessed


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