I recently heard about dressember and fell in love with this amazing organization ,
first i thought hmm maybe dresses right?
well dressember is supporting a cause women sex trafficing by donating but not just donating but waring a dress each day of december showing support , even choose once a week to ware a dress to support and be reminded your helping fight this cause!
we all hear about sex trafficked women, teens even young girls, and its heart breaking as a mom of 2 beautiful daughters this issue hits home and i would do anything to help to try to stop this terrible horrorfiing event that happens every day.
Awhile back i remember this was happening to different targets to moms and daughters while shopping , and i was devastated , fearful and saddened by the terrible acts of people in this world.
I even stoped shopping to target my way of so what preventing it for my family 
The thought of someones child, daughter, mother, sister , friend, aunt, abducted and sold for someone's pleasure ughhh there is no words to say , sad, angry tormented .
So when i seen this Dressember and knew i can help some way toward this horrifying event i was yes sign me up!
so i urge you ,ask you to support and share dressember  because alone we can't make a change BUT together we can! Ecc 4:9-10 
click the link below to donate :) God bless

Also whichever day you decide to ware a dress post a selfie #dressember !!!! 
Lived Loved Stay blessed .


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