James study

Good morning .
So as my study of the book of James came to an end , and I sat and just reflectireflecting on the study going over the soak method in the study journal ,
I am thankful for James and the wisdom and help he has told us about with the holy spirit leading his words and messages to us,
I come see the purpose in James,
To examine ourselves for evidence of faith , To be doers or the word not hearers only.
It sure doesn't come easy , But the more time we spend with Jesus in his word it changes us!
Then it comes natural
When we draw near to God he draws near to us,
Isn't that amazing !!

Teachings in James
Our faith without actions is dead.
Taming the tounge.
Our faith tested.
Warning to the rich.
Hearing and doing.
Prayer of faith.

Key verse James 1:22
"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only "

I wanted to share a few points in James such a amazing book , study and soaking it in , thank you Jesus!
God bless friends
Shantel xoxo


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