Its time , its real

Good morning friends.
Today I was scrolling on fb and came across this video
Please watch friends

It left me in a awe state , a wow moment Jesus is real and coming back its time for as all to get on track forgive let go move forward for Jesus! Its real , I pray for true encounter with the Lord for as all
For soften hearts. For kindness for forgiveness, to step out and step up!

As shared in the video about fb posts its so true what we say or share post on Facebook it effects so many people , made me think wow Lord something I've never realized before I'm accountable for the impact on people from what I share or say!
Wow  , let's all #sharejesus and make a positive impact
And I'll add I'm sorry for anything posted over the years with a wrong impact Lord forgive me im sorry Jesus to you and to anyone It affected..
Stay blessed xoxo shantel

Please watch this video !!


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