Friendships, Fellowship ,Focus, Finding your way Isn't always Greener !

 Hey friends , okay so for past weeks my brain has been on high speed , my thoughts has been all over the place due to different family issues and feeling spiritually drying out,
to be more clear all the wants and desires to grow, study connect with women of the Lord is still a hugh prayer , but the reality is as i praying for guidance for God to lead me into my calling for him i feel lonely, like spiritually needing to be fueled lifted up encouraged ,
and as i have said before connecting and growing with women finding friendships through Jesus around where I live its dry, the more i try connect it seems farthest to find it, as a friend said to me the grass isn't always greener on the other side , which it totally true but yet overlooked at times,
reason said i always say i wish i lived in vacaville ca, their are many amazing things happening their between God , women, friendships, growth, all i desire.
i have family and friends who live there and are involved , anyways my point is maybe my desires aren't Gods desires for me? ever feel that way? or timing is wrong,
but as i reminded the enemy blinds our focus  one of his ploys to attack us to keep our focus off of Jesus! this was a past book club read I've learned this from Fervert amazing book, tool to have ,
well the grass isn't greener made all this rush back,  and reminded me to focus on Jesus totally and all will fall place according to his will his plan.
in a study I'm doing it talks about God chooses people to put in our path to help get us to his plan our calling, Im praying for my spiritual eyes to be open to his chosen for me ,
I will continue to pray to fellowship and connect with women of God wherever there from All Gods timing,
after reading awake lioness by lisa bever and the chapter about friendships how important for women to connect , to lift up, to encourage each other in the Lord and the book Giddy up eunice because women need each other by sophia hudson
its amazing how The Lord set it all up.

i just want to share a little what was on my brain and remind us all the important thing keep our focus to Jesus and all will follow as he sees fit according to his plan , and yes the grass looks greener in other places but thats not the truth, looks can be deceiving , Just was God used Jael well he used her right where she was !  ( her story judges 4-5) also look a my last post
thanks friends
Live Loved & stay blessed Shantel.


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