First things First .. Pray!

Good morning friends .
Today was I was reading my devotional this really hit home
Basied from acts 1:12-26
After Jesus descended to heaven the apostles returned to Jerusalem went upstairs and peter addressed them talking about the scriptures being fulfilled about Judas betraying Jesus
And they needed a replacement
They had a decision to make  between Joseph called barsabbas or Matthias ,
What did they do next? PRAY!!!
They prayed to Jesus  for direction guidance on choosing the one that Jesus has chose.

Were all faced with decions daily some small some big but do we always pray 1st ? I'll be honest not always right ,
My question is how much time do you do I spend in a difficult  situation?

As they waited and prayed  (key) after Jesus said they will be baptized with the holy spirit .

When were faced with difficult task , important decisions, dilemma's, Don't rush hoping all will be well
Instead first step should be pray for the holy spirits power and guidance.

Thank you Jesus for the holy spirit our helper our teacher.
Lead us guide us direct us Jesus!

Stay blessed
Xoxo Shantel.


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