Dauhters of Grace ~ Jael

Wow , okay so before today I have never knew this womens story
Jael , what a story I'm blewn away
Her story is in judges 4-5
Jael has taught me ,
To be fearless , listen to God , don't give up your beliefs for anyone ,
Keep standing firm in the LORD.
Sometimes were not sure what God has in store for us all we need to know is be strong , be willing , be ready when he calls .
Women are used for Gods greatness we need to remember

At times we think God can't use us their is more qualified women ready , But God will use us where we are with the gifts and talents he has given us for his glory.
He only ask for us to surrender to him !

"He will use us right where we are , because it is where he has called us to be"
Jael was obedient to God even when her husband was was with evils plan
Jael did what she had to to.

Read more and study her story it's shocking but amazing

Stay blessed & Live Loved xoxo


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