The Best of the Bible

Good morning friends this morning as I'm reading through this book The Best of the Bible each day it has a must-read Bible passage so this morning on September 30th the entry was Luke 24 13 through 34 on the road to the emmaus.
This is one of my favorite passages in the Bible which I forgot about and I'm really glad that it was in here how Jesus appeared to them without them recognizing him he was talking and teaching them under seven mile journey to a message from Jerusalem they were talking about what had happened about Jesus the crucifixion and the resurrection what got me today and I wanted to share with you guys on the bottom of these daily readings it gives you a question and today's was would you recognize Jesus if you saw him today? The two disciples missed Jesus because they were too focused on their disappointment in addition they were walking in the wrong direction away from The Fellowship of Believers when we become preoccupied with our dashed hopes and flushed rated plans and when we withdraw from the strength found in other believers we are likely to miss Jesus and the power and help he can bring!

As I read this this morning it really hit home and where I'm at in life at the moment and it's so true when we get so focused on disappointments in life and too busy focusing on just the busyness of life and situations and not connecting with the body of Christ Ecc 4:9-10
all just really hit home our hopes are our plans we get too focused on what's to come in and not focus on the main thing which is Jesus
I myself need to be reminded of that that he's the main focus we need to draw close to him not pull away he is our strength or joy and direction  Jesus is our guide !!
A little encourageing today from my table to yours

Stay blessed  friends
Xoxo shantel


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