Morning study

Good morning friend have you all been? I hope you've all been doing great I've been busy but I'm still going and blessed by God everyday today as I sat down poured my coffee to get my day going I've decided to pull out this study the book of James it's a study journal from good morning girls. Org I'm excited to start this one as being caught up with life and School District studies I've been doing for that for my Matthew course and my apologetics course it's kind of got me throwed off on my regular devotions and reading time with God and I can just feel the difference not spending time with Jesus how I used to so as I sat down looking at all of my studies that I left untouched I've decided to pull this out for
James 1:22 says be doers of the word and not hearers only
It's time to start spending more time with Jesus my first moments of the day to get clarity and guidance where God is directing our family I know he's in control and it's my fault I've drifted from my regular devotions but like I always say not today Satan not today so I just wanted to share with you guys where I'm at right now and just a little encouragement we're not perfect we all fall short we all get off track in the busyness of Life of course that's what the enemy wants it's one of his tactics to follow up our Focus our passions to keep us busy to stray away from the Lord but what we need to do is get back up with me fall down dust off the dust and get back and start running the race again so it's okay we're all not perfect we're not where we ought to be but we need to get up and keep going towards the goal which is Jesus and serving him and having a relationship with him so no matter where you are remember just to look up to Jesus because he's always there through good and bad through it all and he's the only one that can keep us going in this life to give her strength to keep running the race so everyone have a blessed day until next time XOXO shantel


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