Only God

Good morning friends
Okay so as I'm reading
Having a Martha home the Mary way
Wow let me tell you its so amazing so true and hits it all
They points Mrs Sarah Mae makes and the scriptures shared ! Completely blessed and all the glory to our Jesus he's so awesome and loving thank you Jesus
So as I read this passage in the book it really hit home and blessed me so much I felt the need to share :)

Christ did the work on the cross, The Holy Spirit continues the work in our lives,  Our job? To surrender to him and walk faithfully one day at a time.

So true! At times we try our way and were left in a bigger mess and overwhelmed . But were Gods children he has us at all times! Its not our Job  ain't that awesome news ?!
All we have to do is surrender and The holy spirit does the work until Jesus comes to take us home!

Psalms 16:5
My choice is you God, first and only

1thess 5:23
Now may the God of peace himself
Sanctify you entirely

Have a blessed day and remember Jesus is always here with us
We just need to give it all to him
Every day!
Xoxo shantel


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