He will Cover us

Good morning friends!
So as I came across this scripture today looking at feathers it popped up Psalms 91:4
So I grabbed my bible and looked it up in the a few versions
And I was taken by this passage
The niv version as I did journaling it was soaking in deeper n deeper

He will cover you with his feathers
And under his wings you will find refuge
His faithfulness will be you shield and rampant

As I read it over and over its sinking in its our protection our promise from Jesus our king our inhairantce
Daily 24/7 for ourselves our family our friends every situation every battle!!!!
I'm so blessed and thankful to Jesus for his love his promises he never takes them away their always their dangling for us to pull down and receive !
We need to active them daily through prayer and praise worship our Lord Jesus he's so amazing he is alive and  present with us never leaves us
Wooo thank you Jesus lord I love you and am solo very thankful for you shield of protection daily
Thank you Lord when that veil was torn we have access to you in your presence all times!!!!!
Thank you Jesus.

As my post turned into praise to Jesus join me give him it all he deserves it all every day even when we mess up his grace is their keep running the race !!
Have a blessed day
Xoxo shantel


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