Hello their!
How all y'all doing? Okay so wanted to share with you all something been wanting to do for a while
Been on my heart .
Helping the need and homeless with a blessing box  and blessing bags
The blessing box will be full of what ever anyone wants to put in it food hygiene items and people can take what's needed and fill up as well for others
Their so many in need in the world and so many who have full n plenty and beyond so I'd like to share blessings with others
The blessing bags will be full of items to pass out and leave places for someone to take and be blessed with things they may need this opportunity operation is
All for Jesus Christ to sure kindness and love with the World
Anyone who would like to join me and help this
Operation blessing box please let me know still working out the plan also  comment  
Thank you all and God Bless
Shantel xoxo


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