Being a mary in a martha world

Good morning !!
It's been too long .
June has been a month of vacations and busyness ending with a need of refreshment in spirit .
So last night the pastor said something that hit home and been on my mind he said something about Mary and Martha how Mary hung on to Jesus while Martha was busy
We need to keep the fire for the Lord burning, growing, we need to be Marys in a Martha world find the balance for it all life,Jesus , family , friends, chores being a mom a wife and a friend.
At times we think we can and have the balance but the Busyiness of life keeps us from sitting at Jesus' feet daily .
And that friends is what its all about keeping Jesus in all we do making him famous daily
So keep going forward pressing on with Jesus we all get unbalanced but we need to stop look to Jesus and remember its all him!  for him
He's worthy of it All our time our praise and prayers . it's time for a spiritual growth awaking and refresh in Jesus!!!!!
I'm excited for next months book read
" being a Mary in a Martha world"
Have a blessed day everyone
Shantel xoxo


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