Augest Read for book club!

Good morning friends hope everyone's having a blessed day so I'm excited to share with you guys our new Reed for August and by Sarah Mae Having a Martha home the mary way
This book couldn't have come at a better time I've been completely busy with painting with rug cleaning out rooms rearranging my kids as both rooms and I just really need a balance and spending time with Jesus as well as doing my chores so I can't wait for 31 days to a clean house and a satisfied soul really looking forward to it!
The story of Mary and Martha is one of my favorites inspiring how we do get caught up in life with our daily chores and just like being a mom or wife and work and everything together we're always caught up in the busyness and Mary had it right she just let everything go and just sat at Jesus's feet and it's a nice reminder that that's what we need to do in our busy lives that's just stop and make room for the Lord because it's all about him we don't want to miss what he has for us with opportunities people and our past certain words hearing his voice and just being refreshed and his his grace his Mercy his forgiveness his loving as his kindness and that's what it's all about my friends it's joy in the Lord and that is our true Joy true strength true courage deserves to be praise and worship so I'm really excited for this readread to balance the busyness and life!

Reading details...
Starts August 1st
It's listed as day 1 Day 2 and so one to 31 days so we'll be reading it each day and each day has a couple Pages as far as the book
Includes Mary challenges scripture to read and reflect questions
And the Martha challenge cleaning ideas!!

Anyone welcome to join our book  club comment below or contact me
Its a group of women fellowship lifting up inspireing others and encourageing in the Lord
Our meet ups at weekly more details contact me thanks!
Have a blessed day
Xoxo shantel


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