Were seated with Christ!!!!

Good morning okay so I'm sitting here doing my armor of God study and I'm in such amazement excited overjoyed yet this page and I just wanted to share how amazing how awesome Jesus is as the enemy comes and tries to attack us with his place through circumstances through people these are the times we need to be aware spiritually awakened to know that it is him and it's not it's not the people it's not the circumstances he's just lurking under the surface to use those to get us and bring us down no eyes it says we are seated with Christ in the heavenlies the victory is already been won this changed my luck on this in such a state of worship we are not just present in Heavenly places but we are sitting down in those heavenly places we are seated with Jesus Christ and then in the study Priscilla goes on to share with us which is amazing she's such a mighty woman of God the way he words things and her studies her books her teachings everything just comes alive and it just hits home and as such an impact she shares in ancient times being seated with a symbolic posture of a king whose Army had already been victorious in the battle instead of standing pacing worrying he would park himself on the throne as a visible statement of the complete and utter Triumph that has left me and such while Jesus while Jesus is seated at the right hand of the father we are seated with Jesus in The Heavenly places the battle has already been won Jesus is seated he's already claimed his victory until that day comes when he comes back to take us home that is just such a while it just awaken something in me that way do you know the enemy comes and tries and you know well he can as she states Satan knows he cannot destroy you it's too late for that but the best thing that he can try and do as his time on Earth is to make us feel down and depressed and suffocated with what scene in fear insecurity and leave as discouraged and it puts us in a state where we are on able to live joyfully fully abundantly be awakened in our Spiritual armor of God that we have and all God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly realms and it is just amazing and another thing but because our spiritual location we always have hope and through Christ we bring the victory Of Heaven into our experience on Earth we have the tools we have the power through Jesus Christ to defeat the enemy daily in his place against us because we're seated with Christ Jesus in heaven the battle is already been won the Victory Is Ours that's what we need to remember when things come up to try and bring those down circumstances people just different things in our families and our friends and our work the victory is already ours we're done see that what Christ Jesus I just wanted to share that because this is just such an Awakening in me about being seated and standing and that's where Christ already sees as we are seated with him that is just so amazing so awesome so I just wanted to share that with you guys have a blessed amazing day and remember Jesus loves you and the Victory is already ours stay blessed XOXO Shantel


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