Praise & Worship

Good morning friends
So this book just rise up is our book club read for June were only 2weeks in and this is such a blessing to me
I want to share a little .
Psalms 145 is the foundation for this book as David sang praises to Our king Jesus it shows the importance and praise and worship to bless his holy name at ALL times throughout the hard times and good times to
To live a life of praise don't come natural to us due to life but the more we sing to him talk to him throughout the day with our words and meditation on praise the more natural it comes to us and were not foucased on the stress of life and circumstances!
Psalm's 145:5 I will mediate on the glorious splender of your majesty and on your wondrous works

With shouts of praise our chains of doubt are broken!
With thoughts of his greatness and pleas for forgiveness the chains of past and present sin are broken!

Their is freedom if life of praise
Rise up! And live a life of praise our King Jesus made us to worship him
He deserves praise n worship all times.
With bold declarations that you will rise up and live a life of praise chains are broken and you are free to experience the blessing that comes with obedience.

Living a life of worship and praise brings forth faith love and obedience and it comes natural the more we live daily in worship!
Stay blessed xoxo


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