Hello their

Hello friends.
I know its been a couple weeks
I'm still here :)  here's the deets:
Theirs been some adjustments  happening this month of may physically mentally and spirituality But I'm pressing forward trusting in the Lord through it all .
I've met some amazing new people in my life women men girls and boys I'm very thankful for Jesus directing  guiding and the courage and strength he's given  to follow and believe and stay strong even on the days that seemed hopeless lonely and sad .
Jesus turned and restored the joy the passion , on my path for him
We all go through trying times dry spells But its our choice to stay their or kick it and get up and get back in the race !  Here is what The Lord is still at work at in  she laughs
Book club still active
Fervent call to prayer women's online prayer group
And Glory to Jesus Fridays we've been meeting for Creative worship @the park with a group of amazing ladies
I ask please keep she laughs in your prayers and all the ladies involved
For strength,courage,joy through our journey with Jesus
Stay Blessed  xoxo


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