Are you dressed?

Good morning on this beautiful day as we welcome me doing some of my devotions and homework for different studies I'm doing it led me to Ephesians chapter 6 starting in verse10 -20
The whole armor of God this is so important for us as believers just in our daily lives too close ourselves in God's armor this keeps popping up like I said in different studies I'm doing and it's really pondering the importance of the armor of God in my heart for spiritual warfare it's a reality it's a daily battle that we have every day sometimes the spiritual side of life seems so unreal and this age so we have our friend Apostle Paul who writes to us in Ephesians about the full armor of God there was not an issue for the apostle but deception was his instruction to the Ephesians church was to be aware of the devil's schemes to stand strong against the one who desired to destroy their life so to be close at in the armor of God we need to have the belt of Truth around our waists Ephesians 6:14 the breastplate of righteousness Ephesians 6:14 the shoes of Readiness and peace Ephesians 6:15 The Shield of faith Ephesians 6:16 the helmet of salvation Ephesians 6:17 the sword of the spirit Ephesians 6:17 getting dressed in the armor of God everyday is to fight off all the plays the enemy has against does the belt of truth it's it's God's word to stand strong on his word the breastplate of righteousness to guard our hearts of God's word that it cannot be touched the shoes of Readiness the peace to walk in the peace of God in his word The Shield of faith to stop all the plays all the fiery darts all the schemes all the attacks that the devil is going to try and throw at us the helmet of salvation to guard our minds and to be praying without ceasing is the helmet of salvation the sword of the spirit the word of God with these tools this armor it's how we fight the devil in spiritual warfare
The battles we face each day
I'm yet fully study break down the whole armor of God
But the more I read it it comes alive to me !! And coming soon I'll be doing a study
the armor of God  by Priscilla shiere
I pray you'll be dress daily and not caught undressed in the battle
Stay blessed xoxo


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