Virtuous Life study

Good morning .
Okay so this week is passed and I've been doing The Virtuous life study so I just wanted to share a little weekly recap with you guys

Monday we've learned
Esther is prudent under pressure in Esther 4:6- 5:7
We see The Importance of Being wise when matters come up to seek the Lord before we speak would having complete Reliance on him in the matter before we move forward and pursue that is definitely showing Prudence under pressure

Wednesday we learned about Ruth and Boaz on the threshing floor in the Book of Ruth chapter 3 we see
Ruth being obedient to God as she obeys the instructions of Naomi
Also the faithfulness she had in the Lord and the courage to take action.

Friday we learned about the Virtuous women in proverbs 31
It gives us instructions on how to become a virtuous wife woman for God  how to keep it ways to be obedient and the wisdom and the knowledge to know that God's breath his words his riches are far more precious than anything on Earth and that's what we are to strive for also how to teach our kids and set an example for them so they can start their same journey and have the morals and principles of the Lord from small throughout their life

I look forward for week2 to dog deeper in the Lord and grow in his word
Want to join ? Contact me for study guide

Stay blessed shantel xo.


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