To know God and believe him

Good morning friends so this morning as I continue my living free study from Beth Moore I'm on week 2 day 1 and it says applying the benefits
John 13:17 says now that you know these things you will be blessed if you do them
Here's a few quick scriptures what God desires for you for all of us his children
Benefit 1 - know God and believe him Isaiah 43:10
Benefit 2 - glorify God Isaiah 43:7
Benefit 3 - find satisfaction in God Isaiah 55:2
Benefit 4 - experience God's peace Isaiah 40:18
Benefit 5 - enjoy God's presence Isaiah 43:2 - 3
God gives these gifts to every believer they are snapshot pictures of what he intends for you to become 5 glimpses of God's heart
Just as I've read these five scriptures I feel like I've seen another deeper glimpse of God and his word for his children I encourage you all to Take 5 minutes to read the scriptures for a new spiritual growth on God's love for us and what he wants us to become.
Stay blessed shantel

I've put together a little something together a work-sheet study!
Interested I'd love to email it to you for free ☺


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