The Teacher

Okay so last night my family went to see Gods not dead 2.
And what a great movie which I knew it would be!
In the story lots of great moments while gave my spirit joy and felt his presence but their was this one part that got me !!!
In the movie grace is talking with her grandpa saying I don't feel Jesus lately feels like his so far away
And her grandpa says
The teacher is always present but quite in a test .
As I watched this moment and listened to it I felt the Lord awaken my spirit with praise even my husband has a reaction aloud saying wow!!
So in these simple yet impacting words came clarity in many situations.
Have you ever felt in different times where is Jesus I'm reading I'm praying but I just don't feel him? Yes I have!
Well we need to know he is always their never leaves us nor forsakes us just being quite through a test to see will we keep faith keep trust totally reliance on Jesus
Will we pass ?!
So in hard times trials test which brings perservence remember Jesus is always with you with me even if we can't feel him thats when we need to believe , trust in him the most grasp this teaching stay in prayer and we will pass and the teacher Jesus will be joyful with rewards for his students and we will  rejoice and praise God Jesus our Lord with our hearts with thanksgiving and worship.
Thank you all stay blessed
Shantel xoxo.


  1. So true.. so needed 2 hear that again!!! Thank u 4 reminder...Iron sharpens iron...blessed 2 hv u as a friend..thank u😘


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