FerVert strategy 8

As I sit here doing a recap of chapter 8 strategy 8 your pressures
I can relate a bit past couple weeks
Just the pressures of life family marriage and certain things that come along with it .
Overwhelmed yes with little things and pressure to get it done do this go here pay this do that .. Yes screaming can help may i  add.
So much pressure with life's schedule can keep us busy for what really matters Jesus he's the one that holds it all together for us fills us with joy peace love kindness through the day wheather we finishe our to do list or not
But when we get to busy the pressures come and we don't make time for Jesus in our busy day schedule, we re to busy to caught up to overwhelmed right !?
Actually not iysbthe enmey using this strategy to attack us keep us blind in those moments not to focus on Jesus 1st because he knows bwhen we do that he's out over bye bye
So he'll use all to keep us for our source The Lord Jesus Christ that fills us up he's the Well with  living water ,peace ,joy love, kindness, meakness ,self control, gentleness..
You see where I'm going with this he's what we need and in him everything else falls into place.

So I leave y'all with this quote from fervent page 149 strategy 8
" one day soon a whole new kind of women is going to be emerging from that prayer closet.
A free one, a rested one, a contented one."

Stay blessed shantel.


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