Bible stories

Good morning !
Well its been a crazy week filled with tears and smiles but thank Jesus he got us through it all!!
So today as I was thinking my study plan to read the bible front to back start to finish I remembered a while back I came across this woman on YouTube Angie Smith
She has a study book called seamless which i cant wait to dig in but she has a awesome point to her study how it came to be she wanted to read the bible start to finish but didn't understand it all so she went back to bascis pretty much she got a childrens bible stories book and Yes! Started and read it start to finish to learn refresh understand all Gods stories and teachings ...
So today I came back to my memory and I pulled this out jumped in and already seeing understanding as I read along the amazing stories in the bible
In this book it starts in genesis coveers the whole book
I must admit some stories I forgot or never read got a understanding but I'm very thankful For the holy spirit reveling to me Gods word and the hunger and understanding !!
So today I encouge you don't get discouraged if you have struggled b4 its all Gods word ask Jesus to reveal to you even if its in these bible story book
Stay blessed xoxo


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