A virtuous life ~ Study

Hi frends how are you?
I'm excited because tomorrow a new study is starting its 4 weeks starting April 18th through May 13th once a week and it's called
A Virtuous Life Bible study!! by The Time-warper-wife Darlene Schacht
These are the four cardinal virtues will examine over 4 weeks
Prudence - to be alert ,cautious wise
Temperance - self control, self resistant comma moderation.
Justice - Fair comma righteous, honesty, integrity.
Fortitude - strength , courage, endurence,grit
As we go through this study will examine each virtue individually will look at stories in the Bible to see where they exercised virtue and how we can apply it to our lives.
Deets: this study will be once a week starting every Monday downloads along with the study
-Will have a week at a glance
-Weekly questions
-And coloring pages
Monday will be studying
Friday will be weekly recap


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