Hi! Good evening friends
Okay so lately ive really been enjoying these CDs for worship
These women their voices are amazing and so anointed you can feel it in their music !! Don't ya just love when that happens indo!!
Worship gets Me gone  gets me inspired for the Lord being in his presence especially before reading Gods word!
Lately I've been praying for the holy spirit to lead me and show me how to worship truly worship Jesus
Since well couple months ago I attended a woman's meeting conference led by amazing women and one of the gals pastor Jen said something that stuck with me and hit home!! She said
Worship is the only thing we can give Jesus our God ... So I had me thinking hmmm ... Wow I was in amazement thinking that
Because think about it what can we give our Lord ???? Yeah we serve him and do his work but what actually is just for him WORSHIP!!!
that's our grattuide to him for all he has done even when we didn't deserve it .He deserves our worship 24/7 so remember worshiping the Lord is the only think we can actually Give God
Thses are some amazing artists to start worshiping Jesus our savoir or Redeemer our Lord!!
In any situation good bad turn on that praise music and worship Jesus its amazing how it all turns around .
Stay blessed xoxo shantel.


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