Were already Forgiven !

Okay so this morning as I watched a movie called amazing love it's a story about Hosea which was a really amazing Stories one of my favorites in the Bible I recently came to love the book of Hosea so after I've watched that I started cleaning and cooking and as I was doing that I wasn't even really thinking about the movie but came up on my heart out of nowhere that for something in the past that I that I've done and I've asked for forgiveness from that person but didn't receive it
through the years I've never actually asked God to forgive me for that wrong that sin against that person!!
of that situation and it just popped in my head this morning about something happend
years ago it stuck out to me for something I've been  praying for over the years and I've gave it to God and I knowing he's in control but I've never asked him to forgive me of that !!
and that really kinda bothered me that I've never done that before and it came clear to me that we've already been forgiven even if the person can't forgive us!
Christ has already forgiven us so it really not that it doesn't matter but we're already forgiven if we confess our sins to God and ask him when we've done wrong that it's already done and continue to worship and praise him and leave it at his feet cast your cares upon Him for he cares for us!
Even though the person hasn't forgiven me God did and I can truly be free from it !!!!
Knowing  that he's in control the situation and it just really stood out to me that I have never actually done that and I just wanted to share with you guys
that you know for us to be forgiven we have to forgive as well from Jesus if we want him to forgive us of our sins but we can't forgive others it's not a double standard how can we expect to be forgiven if we can't forgive and it's just something I just really wanted to share with you guys it just got me thinking that maybe the person couldn't forgive me want it or not or not aware but it just didn't happen because I've never asked for forgiveness from God for that and it just kind of left me like wow
In kind of an amazement of what God was putting on my heart this morning out of nowhere and my situation had nothing to do with Hosea but in the sense it's so amazing of God's love for us even when we don't truly love him and then we come to realize that and love him it's so amazing and it's just about amazing love is what it's all about so I just wanted to share that with you guys have a blessed day and God bless
XO XO Shantel


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