The doug out

Good morning friends .
So today was my sons Tball game and as team mom the doug out can be crazy at time with 11 kiddos but I always have friends helping out which I appreciate 😀
So brings me to something on my heart about joyfullness  and patience!!
It sure helps with all 3 patience helping the team get geared up get ready have order  it has its moments but sure is a joy watching the game the and the team play it brings joy and smiles  even if the  worries of life get us down in their they slip away ...
Remember its the little things that bring the joy in those  little moments we sometimes miss
And in the crazyness at times we don't see it but it is teaching us patience !
Just a little encouragement to look for joy in the chaos of life and indure patience in the rush of life
Stay blessed
Xoxo shantel


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