Ministry Angels

Good morning!!!
So this morning as I was reading psalms 103 (a fave chapter)
Something stood out to me they I missed before or didnt realize at that time psalms 103:20
Bless the Lord you his angels who excel in strength who do his word heeding the voice of his word
So I was like hmmm okay and below that in my bible called kingdom dynamics:
Vs20 fivefold ministry angels
Shows Gods purpose for angels
Angels exist to serve God in 5 ways
1. To bless the lord ( in worship and service)
2. To do his word (concerning activities on earth)
3. To heed the voice of Gods word (as it is spoken through the saints on earth)
4. To minister  on Gods behalf (as described in heb 1:14 and 5)
5. To do Gods pleasure (as his hosts are at his direction)
Judge's 13:6
So got me thinking wow Lord through our daily life we are Gods ministry as well to do his work and worship and bless him daily read his word the breath of God heed to his voice and where it leads us to do his service .
We are Gods angles on earth !!!
This was so amazing how it spoke to me☺
Remember to be a angel where you go and who you come in contact with !
Stay blessed xoxo shantel


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