Behind the book club launch

Okay so I decided I better share a little bit behind the launch of book club
for the past almost 2 years I've  been thinking about starting a book club kind of not knowing where to begin with it just something that I've always wanted to do as this past few months came and you guys read my journey reading a lot of different books and studies and meeting a lot of new amazing women and also becoming a part of an amazing book study group the imperfect vessel it kind of got me thinking that it's something I still want to do so I posted a picture a while back on Facebook about a book I picked up by Priscilla shirer called Fervent
And one of my friends got a hold of me and asked me about the book where to pick it up it  was like my my sign lol
she said to me if I've ever wanted to do a book club she would totally love that she's in and I was like wow okay something I've always been wanting to do and since
meeting new people and books and studies and just in a place where I am in my journey I was just like okay I'm taking it this step and I'm going to finally launch something I've always wanted to do which I'm super excited about as I've come to learn through the imperfect vessel my good friends have shared with me certain things and they're just amazing and I love reading and sharing encouraging uplifting new found friends and Old Friends through Reading uplifting books and helping us all through our journey to find out who we are through Jesus you know books to help learn more about him learn about our self how to handle and manage things like kids home and the Lord and just a bunch of different things like that
so I have a lot of upcoming reads I would love to share with you guys as well as book studies PS so I just wanted to share with you guys if you guys are interested let me know I would love for you guys to join and spread the word and for Jesus just to have his way through this for everyone including myself to learn a deeper  intimacy of our own self for the Lord and just to inspire us through our journey in life
Stay blessed shantel xo


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